Bugle Band | Safeguarding
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Bugle Silver Band (the Band) is an organisation for brass players of all ages and levels of skill. We believe it is always unacceptable  for a child/young person/vulnerable adult to experience abuse of any kind and recognise our responsibility to safeguard the welfare  of all those persons in our organisation. We recognise that :-

The welfare of a child/young person/vulnerable adult is paramount

All children/young persons/vulnerable adults regardless of age, disability, gender, race, religious belief or sexual orientation have  the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse.

Working in partnership with children, parents and carers is essential in promoting children’s’/young person’s/vulnerable adults  welfare.

All members of the Band have a responsibility to report concerns appropriately.


The purpose of the policy :-

 To provide protection for the children/young persons/vulnerable adults who play with the band, including the children of adult  members.

To provide guidance on procedures they should follow in the event that they suspect children/young persons/vulnerable adults may be experiencing, or is at risk of, harm.

To provide an environment free from bullying. This policy applies to all members of the Band, including the Committee, paid staff and volunteers acting on behalf of Bugle Silver Band.


 We will seek to safeguard children/young persons/vulnerable adults by :-

Valuing, listening to and respecting them.

Adopting protection guidelines through procedures.

Recruiting staff safely.

Involving parents and children appropriately.



Adults will be encouraged to follow good practice guidelines.

Work in an open environment wherever possible.

Treat all young people and vulnerable adults equally with respect and dignity.

Involve parents/carers whenever possible.

Obtain parental consent for activities away from the band room.

Give constructive feedback not negative criticism.

Recognise differences in the developmental needs and capacity of young people and vulnerable adults.

Empower children to share in decision making process where they are involved.

Each child should have a “in loco parentis” on trips/events away from the bandroom designated by the child’s parent/carer.

Provide an example of good conduct.



Photographs of band members may appear on the website and Facebook page and local newspapers without identification of individuals unless specific permission has been  obtained.



Paid staff will be DBS checked and qualifications substantiated by the committee.



It is not the responsibility of anyone paid or unpaid at Bugle Silver Band to decide if abuse has taken place but there is a responsibility to act on any concerns by reporting them to an appropriate authority.



Concerns should be first reported to the designated Safeguarding Protection Officer who will liaise with the Chairman and/or Band Manager to ensure appropriate action  is taken. This may include referring the allegation to Social Services who will provide further advice.



Every effort will be made to ensure confidentiality is maintained and information handled on a need to know basis.